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Powerful Planner best for employee and staff scheduling. Make plans 24x7 and reschedule by drag & drop.

Employee Planner News Release (March 2004)

For Immediate Release March, 2004

For more information, contact Planning Solution Limited, LLC.

Event and Travel Planning Powerhouse for Windows

Toronto, Canada - Planning Solution Limited, LLC announces the release of Employee Planner 1.20, a powerful event planner and travel planner program for the Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 platforms, which can increase planning productivity and save time by making planning quick and easy.

Employee Planner can display your plans in different shapes, using different colors for different staffs. You can categorize all of your plans to different tasks. It has a built-in filter function which can help you filter and only display the plans belongs to specified people or specified tasks.

The intuitive interface makes Employee Planner the perfect tool for both new and experienced users. The "Drag and Drop" function makes it easy to re-schedule and plan. Other features include exporting plan lists to Excel, Word, PDF, HTM, and txt formats, printing chart reports and list reports, password protection, and network access. A preference window is available for customizing the look and feel of the program.

"With Employee Planner 1.20," said Planning Solution Limited, LLC President, Bob Yuan, "we wanted to give people a fast and easy way to accomplish all of the planning tasks that are often involved with business. We've tried to provide the things that would be of the most help to the largest number of users who want to get planned and organized."

System Requirements

Employee Planner requires Windows 98/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003. It requires 10 megabytes of disk space

Price and Availability

Employee Planner sells for $66.00(US). Online sales and 10-day free trial editions are available online at

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