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Powerful Planner best for employee and staff scheduling. Make plans 24x7 and reschedule by drag & drop.


What's new in version 1.80? (Released on June 19th, 2008)

New Features:

  • Greatly enhanced performance under simple mode.
  • More intuitive date/time lable on the ruler when the interval is set to 12 hours, day, or week.
  • Automatically deselect any selected plan or resource on the chart report.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed the bug of cannot save current interval if custom view is applied after sort staffs.
  • Fixed the bug of descending page numbers when a chart report is printed on multiple pages.

Where to Download:

How to Upgrade:

  • Install the new version server program on the server computer. Do not uninstall the old version server program. During the installation process, the upgrade option will be selected automatically. Follow the wizard will be ok. All of your data stored at your server side will be untouched.
  • Install the new version client program on the client computers. Do not uninstall the old version client program. During the installation process, do not change any default settings. The old version client program will be overwritten automatically.