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Employee Planner

Plan, Schedule, Reschedule, Calculate and Get Reports
for Work and Vacations

Powerful Planner best for employee and staff scheduling. Make plans 24x7 and reschedule by drag & drop.

Employee Planner Standalone Edition Features

  • Make Plans on an Intuitive Chart

It is so clear that you can know what the plans in a glance! Different color, different style for each planning and each staff. Learn More.learn more

  • Print Three Styles of Reports, and Export any Report to PDF Documents

You can print a chart report, a list report or an outlook monthly calendar style report as you need. Get a nicely printed report in your hand. A3, A4, letter and legal paper sizes are supported for any report. What's more, export your report to PDF files and publish them on your web site. Learn More.learn more

  • Make Task related Plans

Each plan must be attached to a task which helps you to track and view your all plans for a specified task. Learn More.learn more

  • Nine Types of Shapes for Plan Slot

You can turn on "Simple Mode" to have all plans in the same rectangle shape or turn off "Simple Mode" to have all plans in nine different shapes (Line Arrow, Block, Block Arrow, Up Calliper, Down Calliper, Round Rect, Ellipse, Sharp Block, and Line). Learn More.learn more

  • Export to Eight Popular Data Formats

Employee Planner can export to Text file (*.txt), SQL script file (*.sql), HTML file (*.htm), XML file (*.xml), Excel spreadsheet (*.xls), MS Windows clipboard, Excel file (*.xls), Rich Text format (*.rtf), Word file (*.doc) and Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf). Learn More.learn more

  • Protect Data by a Password

Each Employee Planner file (*.epf) can be set with an open password and a modify password. Keep your planning as secure as possible! Learn More.learn more

  • Drag & Drop or Resize to Reschedule

No need to re-enter the planning details, no need to delete then create a former one if you want to re-plan any plan. Just use your mouse to "Drag & Drop" and "Resize" to adjust the plan easily. Learn More.learn more