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Employee Planner

Plan, Schedule, Reschedule, Calculate and Get Reports
for Work and Vacations

Powerful Planner best for employee and staff scheduling. Make plans 24x7 and reschedule by drag & drop.

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Employee Planner is an easy to use, intuitive, efficient and time saving planner. The program is ideal for planning staff and employee trips, travel, events, vacation, schedules, projects, meetings, and daily work. The Intuitive Chart clearly shows plans at a glance. You can use different colours and styles for each plan and staff member.

Employee Planner features two styles of report. You can print a chart report or a list report. With Networking Access, other users can open the file you are editing through networks with read only access.

There is no limit on the planning numbers. Each plan must be attached to a task which helps you to track and view all your plans for a specified task. Each Employee Planner file (*.epf) can be set with an open password and a modify password to keep your planning as secure as possible.

There is no need to re-enter the planning details, no need to delete then re-create. Just use your mouse to "Drag & Drop" and "Resize" to adjust the plan easily. Employee Planner can export to Text file (*.txt), SQL script file (*.sql), HTML file (*.php), XML file (*.xml), Excel spreadsheet (*.xls), MS Windows clipboard, Rich Text format (*.rtf), and Word format (*.doc).

This is the free 10 day trial version. The full version can be purchased by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below for $65.95 US (around ?34.70 UK).